Placing cheese on pizza base

Carrying On Tradition: VIXI Pizza Napoletana

At VIXI Social House, we strive to perfect the art of delicious pizza by paying homage to the age-old craft of pizza making. It’s only fitting that we take you on the journey of constructing one of the most traditional pies with its origin in Naples Italy – Pizza Napoletana: Margherita.

The Dough

At VIXI, we use dough that is cold fermented for 48 hours, and then rolled and stretched in a very specific way, with a hollow that allows for that familiar crispy crust when baked.

The Toppings

Our traditional Margherita is made with tomato sauce that is spooned and spread evenly across the base. It’s then topped with Fior De Latte, a mozzarella style cheese – and even better, it’s locally made! The cheese is torn apart and placed randomly on the base so it gets an even melt and each slice has a bit of “gooey magic.” Fresh basil is then scattered over the top with a drizzle of olive oil and our pizza is ready for the oven!

Placing cheese on pizza base

The Bake

The chefs at VIXI go to great efforts to achieve a soft slice with crispy edges. To preserve the natural flavours of the cheese, basil, and tomato, our pizza is baked for exactly 90 seconds in our flaming hot wood-fired pizza oven.


To end off with, we are left with our version of the delicious, Pizza Napoletana which honors the beloved Italian dish. Salute!

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